Monday, January 12, 2015

Scholarship Crowd Funding Campaign Follow Up

A Gold Lion Lesson Day
In early 2014, we started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for music scholarships at Gold Lion. With arts and music in the public schools rapidly, if not totally diminishing, our goal was to raise enough money to be able to take 10 kids as full-time, private students for the year at no cost to them. The campaign to raise money was a success. We met our goal quickly and were able to put that program into effect.

One year later we're still here and still teaching kids with the scholarship funds. We've set it up so the kids that come in are able to take weekly lessons and the music teacher gets paid from the funds we raised. In effect, the campaign contributors are paying for the music lessons that the kids otherwise wouldn't get.

Some of the challenges we've faced when doing this program are consistency and transportation. Going into this program blindly, we found out that some kids simply aren't able to come in weekly. We've attempted to maintain an open-door policy with the lessons by remaining flexible to take kids when they are able to come. The other issue we faced is instruments. Without knowing what kind of condition their instruments would be in (or if they had one at all) before coming in, we became instrument repair techs whenever possible and barterers for other, playable instruments when necessary.

Now in 2015 our lesson schedule is going strong. We have a small group of kids who have remained in lessons for the entire year, a couple of which performed in our summer and fall recitals. Other kids have come in and taken lessons for a while and then stopped (kids are busy, after all). But our door is still open for more students. As long as we're here they will be welcome. Full and partial scholarships continue to be available.

If you'd like more information on lessons, whether that means taking them yourself or if you'd like to sponsor a child's lessons email

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