Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Daniel Bachman w/ Gage, Corcoran and Hammond

Saturday, May 14 at 8pm!
Daniel Bachman
Megan Gage, Kevin Corcoran and Ross Hammond
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Set 1: 
Megan Gage-voice
Ross Hammond-guitar
Kevin Corcoran-drumset

Set 2: 
Daniel Bachman-solo guitar

**Daniel Bachman is a 6 string and lap steel guitar player from Virginia currently living in North Carolina. Bachman grew up steeped in the traditional music of the Commonwealth, drawing from and expanding on it in his own fingerstyle guitar albums including Seven Pines(Tompkins Square, 2013), Orange County Serenade (Bathetic, 2014), and the new LP River (Three Lobed, 2015). On record and in person you’re introduced to a veritable landscape of winding guitar with Bachman treating his guitar lines and licks in a way that resembles the earth itself, at its most pristine, delicate, yet also primal and overpowering. Pieces move, ascending and descending in the same way that the clouds roll through blue skies, the same way brooks babble down rocky fronts carving their paths in the land.

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