Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gold Lion Arts Summer Festival

Please join us for the first ever Gold Lion Arts Summer Festival June 24 through June 26!
We''re partnering up with to present four different energetic, visionary acts per night.

Tickets are $20 per day. Weekend passes are available for $35 via PayPal.

For information on advance tickets, please email

Gold Lion Arts Summer Festival poster by Jason Malmberg
Friday, June 24 @ 7pm:

Grex (Karl Evangelista-guitar/vocals/drums, Rei Scampavia-keys/vocals/drums) is an art rock band based out of Oakland, California. In biological terms, a “grex” is an entity composed of several smaller organisms. Grex (the band) explores the meeting point between fun, delightfully strange psychedelic pop/rock and the dark outer reaches of noise and free jazz. The group’s striking “two man band” configuration recalls a spectrum of wild duos ranging from The White Stripes to Skeleton Crew.

Rent Romus' Life's Blood Ensemble
Saxophonist Rent Romus’ visionary group Life’s Blood Ensemble presents music from their new release of Rising Colossus, a milestone project of musical exploration of emergence and multiple movements. Featuring original compositions including a reprise of work written for Romus by late saxophonist legend John Tchicai as well as Anthony Braxton’s Composition 23J provided by Tri-Centric Foundation.
Rent Romus – alto saxophone
Timothy Orr – drums
Max Judelson – double bass
Scott Walton – double bass
Joshua Marshall – tenor saxophone
Mark Clifford – vibes
Heikki “Mike” Koskinen – e-trumpet

Amy Reed and Collette  McCasilin 
This Sacramento/Bay Area Duo released their first album together in late 2015. The free improvisational duo combines electronics, brass, guitars, voices and whatever else is at their disposal to make beautiful sound collages. 
Amy Reed-guitar, voice
Collette McCasilin-trumpet, electronics, voice

Snake or Man 
A dynamic duo exploring grooves and textures, force and finesse, form and expression. 
Steuart Liebig - Bass
Dax Compise - Drums

Hosted by NSAA
Poet, prophet, activist, podcast host, singer, graphic artist and many more things. NSAA is the glue to all things creative in Sacramento. He is one of the hosts of the "Black Talk Sacramento" podcast as well as the "Coffee and Poets" spoken word series. 

Saturday, June 25 @ 7pm: 

Ross Hammond and Vinny Golia
Ross Hammond and Vinny Golia are playing improvisations for guitars and reeds. They are celebrating the release of their new self-titled duo album. 
Ross Hammond - Guitars
Vinny Golia - Reeds

Alex Jenkins Trio
Led by veteran drummer Alex Jenkins, this group of Sacramento improvisers explores jazz, blues, funk, folk and global song forms. 
Alex Jenkins - Drums
Clifford Childers - Trombone, Euphonium, Bass Trumpet
Kerry Kashiwagi - Bass 

Linda Michelle Hardy plays classical and traditional flutes She's joined by Rachel Freund on clarinets for a free form improvisational set which expresses their love of music. Together ...the exotic sounds form the LibraryofMusiclandria !! The LibraryofMusiclandria also functions as a free musical instruments lending library for the Sacramento Community.

Randy McKean and Jon Bafus Duo
Improvisations for drumset and saxophones. These two improvisers are enigmas in the Northern California improvised music scene. This set will be a treat. 
Rand McKean - saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Jon Bafus - drumset

Hosted by Atim Childers
Atim Childers is an actor and play producer. She runs the "Now Hear This" production with her husband Clifford Childers.  She is currently acting in "Disgraced" in Sacramento. 

Sunday, June 26 @ 7pm: 

Shiva X
Shiva X plays in the spirit of such great Trios as Sam Rivers Trio w/ Holland & Altschul and the group Air w/ Henry Threadgill ....super aggressive and fun.
Tony Passarell - sax 
Robert Kuhlmann - bass 
Jim Frink - drums

Bad Luck
Bad Luck is a 10-year collaboration between Seattle-based musicians Chris Icasiano on drums and Neil Welch on saxophone/electronics. With four albums under their belt, Bad Luck has created an incredibly diverse array of music — no small feat in the heavily trodden world of drum/saxophone duos. Their melodies, improvisations and compositions are constructed from the ground up, creating a band sound much larger than the sum of its parts.

Nun Other Than 
Electric freedom music. 
Ross Hammond - guitar
Scott Amendola - drumset, electronics
Steuart Liebig - bass, electronics

Veteran Sacramento improvisers Nagual blend jazz, rock and Latin disciplines for their own creation. Guitarist Victor Contreras and company will bring the thunder. 
Victor Contreras - guitar
Scott Anderson - saxophone
Ron Ochoa - drumset
Clifford Childers - trombone
Harold Munoz - percussion

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